Immigration Thoughts

What America is supposed to stand for:

What some seem to be turning America into:


It seems we’ve forgotten who the original immigrants were and how we were welcomed:

Frankly, I don’t fault this idea but I won’t be leaving and don’t want new immigrants to leave either:

America is a land of opportunity and immigrants made it what it is today.  The racist attitude surrounding our immigration conversation today is sickening and we need to start acting like the nation of immigrants that we actually are.  We need to stop refusing opportunity to people because they are brown or poor and represent opportunity and freedom, not hatred and racism.

This was my great-great grandfather – An immigrant – Most likely similar to one of your forefathers. He migrated to the U.S. from his home in Budapest, departing from Bremen, Germany on the 21st of June, 1906.  He arrived in Baltimore, Maryland on July 7, 1906 and gave his occupation as shoe repairer after declaring he was not an anarchist.  My great-great grandfather had $12 in his pocket.  I am not sure my great great grandfather would be welcome today, as poor as he was when he immigrated.  I am not sure yours would have been welcome either.



My wife’s new business takes flight!

Flight Night eventI’m so proud of my wife, Heather!

Tonight she’s graduating from reSET’s Social Enterprise Accelerator program at an event called Flight Night.

My wife has been incubating a company called Adventures in Wellness – Focusing on women’s wellness. Throughout this period of incubation, I have seen her struggle and achieve. She’s learning what it takes to not only create a business, but to challenge herself and put herself ‘out there’ – She’s taking a risk and in more than just a financial way. This is a deeply personal venture for her. Tonight marks the graduation date for this stage in her business’ life, but it’s the beginning of what we know will be a successful story.

My wife is trying to show the world how to be a Gutsy Girl and live a confident life.  She’s already proven her guts to me and I just couldn’t be more proud of her!