I Miss W.

This has got to be the most idiotic fundraising idea ever. I mean, “Miss W?“. We are only just finishing cleaning up his mess! Undoing his colossally horrible job as President has been an enormous struggle.

Wearing this shirt would instantly show you to be an idiot who dares repeat mistakes of the past. I can’t believe the GOP ever thought this was a sane idea. I bet it does fantastic with the Fox News crowd, but they are the same group who refuse to believe in science, logic, math, or reality.

Miss W? I wish he’d never existed.


Congratulations Oklahoma!
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This is NOT normal and is NOT good. Fracking is causing seismic activity in places where it’s never occurred before and at rates never seen. There can be no denying that this activity is causing damage and no denying that aquifers are at risk. The pursuit of natural gas is directly creating earthquakes – And yet the industry claims, “safe”.

We need to fight for fracking bans and bans on disposing fracking waste (they dispose the waste fluids in injection wells that are causing these quakes). It’s only a matter of time before a frackquake is serious and our aquifers are being destroyed now.


I hate fracking – Hydraulic Fracturing – the method used to extract natural gas from shale deposits. I found this excellent article and suggest you have a read.
The following photo is from that article and shows the extent this technology is being used in Wyoming to extract gas, but also destroy the environment, consume massive quantities of water and pollute groundwater resources.

We need to stop fracking before we run out of water and stop the obsession we have with fossil fuels. Read this excellent article for more information.